Saturday, April 12, 2014

Low water in the creek - update March 2014

It's been some time I posted about the little creek running through the village where I live.
Last year the water levels were stable, although still low.
Only a few days they were the "normal" height. Those were the days right after we had downpours.

This winter has been the driest and warmest. NO snow except for a few days, and not much - maybe 10 cm at the maximum.

So, there is no Spring melt this year - the water level seems even lower than in the hottest Summer days.
Up to now Spring has been dry too; there is fire watch already for the forests.

The few times it did rain, the water didn't even rise. It only turned muddy for a few hours and then was clear again.

Here some visuals of what it looks now:

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