Saturday, June 1, 2013

Low water in the creek - 2013

I haven't posted much about the creek running thought our village and flowing along the train tracks this year.
Why? Because there was not much to post.

In the early months it kept low - about the same as last year. With little snow and rain in the winter months it had no chance to get much higher overall and stay that way.
Lots of dry ground with the low water
and cold temperatures.
The water itself is not frozen over.

High banks due to low water in Winter.
This month though, it rained a lot. Especially in the last few days, so the soil here is over saturated with water. Anymore water raining down on it will just run off. And so, we now have HIGH water in the creek. Not yet overflowing. We had that once after a downpour last Summer. Now, it's a few low fields flooded, but not from the creek. The water just has no chance to run off properly.

The creek in the village has high water - but still can take a lot more before it overflows here.
The other side of the street, where the other creek, the "Lillach" joins the one above.
Notice the darker water: it's clearer, the dirty one has a lot of "chalk" in it
hence it's name "Kalkach".
Along the train
this part of the creek has been blocked

as there is a house right below the water level.......
Further down the train tracks; the path going under the tracks is flooded -
the bridge of the path alone the track is still clear.
These last photos were taken on Friday, it is still raining. At least until Monday this high level will stay. Then the weather is supposed to change with more warmth and less rain.