Friday, June 14, 2013

Another Garden Experiment - Update Spring 2013

Maybe you still remember the bush that has gotten replanted into ever smaller pots over the years?
This is what I wrote in the Autumn update.

I guess it's time for the Spring, nearly Summer update of this "Bonsai" bush experiment.

Although it was a very wet Winter and Spring, the bush did not drown fully or freeze to death outside.
A bit later than the other years it did get it's flowers too.
Only one twig, and a few leaves. The other branches do seem to be dried out and dead, before I had planted it into the white bucket.

Here some photos I took of it recently:
Lots of water covering the soil.
I remove it regularly, as I have not yet managed to make drainage holes into the bucket.
A closer shot of the flowering twig in the middle of the bush. 
And a close-up of some of the tiny leaves sprouting.
Hopefully, I can find a better place for this bush to grow at permanently very soon. The rest of the garden is in good shape; the palm trees, for which this bush had to move, survived the Winter too.

=) Happy gardening to you.

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