Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming,
Everyone is running
From one place to the other
And no one seems to bother.

Before at mother’s times
They could hear the angels’ chimes.
Where is it all gone?
The memory is still strong.

The snow would slowly fall;
All people big and small
Are outside having fun.
Where has it all gone?

Baking cookies with mother
Packing parcels with father
Singing carols on the street;
Those times were so sweet.

Christmas is coming
Everyone is running
All are busy with their buying;
Makes me feel like crying.

I want the old times back;
With no thought of lack,
With joy in abundance
As it had been once.

So if from the cycle I break free
All the little wonders I can see;
Children’s eyes still shine so strong
As they hear the angels’ song.

Not everything has gone.
It is easy to be done:
Just stop your running
And you know 

Christmas is coming.