Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Sun Halo - Partial

Yesterday, 13th of December 2012, a day after the ominous 12.12.12 date, I was on my way to work as usual with the train. Sun rises are late at this time of year; and with cloud cover even later.
And we had just gone through the coldest night of this season (so far). It was still -6°C at 8.45.

Arriving at the train station and getting off the train I took a moment to look at eh sun peaking out behind the haze of clouds and trails left by the plans crossing the sky. I suddenly saw it. A faint rainbow to the left of the sun. I had to take a snapshot of it.

Then, as I look to the other side I saw another faint rainbow like shine to the right, just above a tree slightly higher than the rest of them. I also took a photo of that.

And then, of course, although the "rainbows" fragments were so far apart from each other, I wanted to have both of them and the sun on one photo. I barely managed to get that.
When I looked at the photo later, I was amazed that I actually had caught three of these sun bows. One right over the sun as well. =))

Even the cable can not diminished the beauty of the sun and the sun-bows!! Thank you sun for this beautiful light.

Here a NASA link to explain this phenomena a bit more in detail:

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