Sunday, July 14, 2013

Female and Male Cardinal - painting update

It has been some time that I'm now working on these two. Well, I did a lot in the start and then I was busy with other things, like writing.

If you want to check the process: April was the start
And not long after there was the update to the female.

I did post another update middle of May by simply posting an image to my G+.

So, this weekend I had a little time to work on them again.

Both of them side by side, a bit blurry.
It sure was fun to work out the twigs and how the bird feet should go around them for good hold. I took photos of them a bit later again, separate:



And yes, I nearly spoiled the male painting as I was adding the first leaves, too dark and with the wrong brush. I put some white over it (nearly spoiling the already done background) and hope to be able to re-do the leaves better and without the tiny mishap being noticeable.
The female bird as such is done (feet and some smaller details only left to do), the male is only basic color and face done. The twigs will still get some small leaves and flowers. depending on my mood these can be done by next weekend - or take another month or two to be finalized. I have no hurry.

=)) Will let you know for sure once they are done, maybe even an update in between again.

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