Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another "Gardening" Experiment - Bush-Bonsai - Autumn Update

I had thought recently this experiment to have failed and the bush dead.

I was going to discard it. But then the cold weather set in and it was wet, too wet (and cold) for my taste to be playing in the dirt.

Today though, with warm sun and before the weather would change to final Autumn cold and wet for some longer time again, I was back in my garden mowing. By chance, I was on my knees and looked at the bush.
Dry brittle twigs nearly poking my eyes, when suddenly °.°

I see some tiny, fresh green leaves!!!
The bush is still alive!!! =))

So, of course, now even more than before, I will have to take this bucket Bonsai bush into a frost free area over winter --- 


find a new place for it to grow in (pot or nice spot in the garden where it can stay).

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