Sunday, January 22, 2012

Best of 2011 - G+ Photography Book - the story to my contribution

This morning I got a call: "Just to inform you - there is a photo competion on G+. Maybe you would like to participate."
First question from me was: "What subject?" - Because if it's something I don't take pictures off it's not "worth" the time to check it out. I was told that there is no subject. OK then!

Next question in my mind was: Do I want to compete? Be rated and judged by others? Not really!
But then again: I do want to share my photos. And in participating in this, many more would have a look at them. I might not win the competition, but I do "win" through sharing. There's nothing to loose really. Except maybe the place away from the spotlight. Hahaha.
There you see two sides of me: the one that feels like hiding in a mousehole and go unnoticed. And the other that wants to be in the spotlight, have the fame and recognition.

My next thought was: "Ahh - I only got a simple camera. The photos of others are much better anyway."
But curiosity got the better of me. I checked it. You didn't have to be a "professional" at all. Any photo of mine that I liked would be OK. And to my surprise it was not a competiton, but a contribution - and for charity on top of that.Yes, that's something worth the "work" and really nothing to loose.

So, the next thing that kept my mind busy was: which photo I took in 2011 (about the only requirement) that I could send in for this. I had a few in mind already (not in the order I took them or I favored them - but how I searched and added them here):

Next thing I had to do was check what else was needed for a contribution (yes, I can get all that done in no time), what already had been send in (I don't want to add a "duplicate" and there are so many already I didn't take the time to have a look at all of them; some photos are really awsome) and finally select and name the photo I would send in. By now, I was all smiles and eager and happy at doing this (pushing aside the fact that I'm again sitting at the computer much longer than I had wanted).
So, the photo I finally picked:
Autumn Sunset

Checking once more on how to do contribute properly and sending it all.


Well, not completely. ;)
This had to go in my blog too!! That's what it's there for too, isn't it?

PS: And finally I should add a big thanks to the caller or I would not have noticed this "competion"-contribution possibility or maybe "too late"!